Announcement: third class on "Writing with vulnerability in mind"

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i’m announcing my next classsssss thank you to all of you that are curious enough to want to sit with me. i still don’t know if i’m any good but i do think the majority of folks that sit with me get something out of it, which i guess is something?

i really want to reiterate that this isn’t a traditional class and a lot of it is about the connection you make with the other students. this is a container that i think is really useful and powerful to cultivate honest, clear, vulnerable writing — but it’s not somewhere you’ll be sitting and getting graded. this is beyond that kind of construction of writing which i feel is antithetical to true craft, but it’s more a place to speak and be as you wish to speak and be, so that can pour into your writing.

if you’re interested there are more details below.

Writing with vulnerability in mind, Part 4.

December 7th to January 18th, Tuesday (TBD, if you are an international person applying can you let me know? I might see if we can set a reasonable timezone!)

Instead of 6 classes, I’m now doing 7. Something I keep realizing is that by the end of the class I don’t want it to end so I’m giving myself an extra week to see how everything lands while I get more time with you all.

With a focus on emotions, each session will revolve around a specific work chosen by me and then unpacked through the class. Though I will be giving writing assignments each session, the goal of each class is to nurture your own authentic voice—and less about finishing a piece of work. I want to facilitate an environment where we can have in-depth conversations on how to connect deeply with ourselves—so it becomes easier to locate and then eventually release exactly what wants to be said.

A few things:

  • Each person will also get a 30-minute zoom call with me where we can talk about writing or any question you might have for me.

  • In order to ensure everyone feels nurtured, spots are limited. I will be giving out one scholarship to a Black or Indigenous or POC as well as one to a CSA survivor.

  • There will be community guidelines we all agree to in the beginning, I believe safe spaces are nurtured—not inherent—and it’s my imperative to ensure a safe space considering some deep things can be ruptured.

  • Coming to class means showing up for everyone as well as yourself, and a true investment in community care, which prioritizes compassion and kindness at all times—as well as transparency to self and the class.

  • If you want to apply, please email me below with why you want to attend this class. This is important. Tell me about yourself and why you want to take this class.

Contact: to apply

Fee: sliding scale of $550 to $650 (comes to roughly $39.30 to 46.50 an hour, I wanted to make this the cheapest and fairest I could, while also honoring my own labor/ space to give away two free scholarships)

If you need to pay in installments, I understand so do let me know.

Date/Location: 7 sessions/ 2 hours per session

Zoom, Tuesdays TBD; I will record them as well so if you don’t attend you can at least have the class