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It’s a good question, I mean “Why subscribe?” when there are a million other Substacks you could support…

But I do think there’s something that I provide, uniquely — whether that be concise and thoughtful film criticism, occasional poetry, my very popular Twenty Things (where I document, in detail, things I am in joy with including new ceramics, music and art shows) as well emotional (yet hopefully profound) details about my inner life, thoughts and musings.

How To Cure A Ghost is named after my first book of poetry and is a continuation of a lot of those emo thoughts I’ve been having as a teenager that I document here more than I document anywhere else!

Other reasons to subscribe?

If you can, become a paid subscriber! It’s really helpful for me as it gives me the freedom to say no to other work I don’t want to do — like work with brands!

You are supporting my wellbeing and livelihood if you financially support this newsletter, thank you so, so much!

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An exploration of all the ghosts that haunt me. I’m working through it as an act of healing.


Fariha Róisín 

Fariha Róisín is an NYC based, Australian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist with an interest in her wellness, Muslim identity, race, self-care pop culture.